Mauro Murzi's pages on Philosophy of Science - Logical Positivism
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Table of Contents.

1. Introduction.


2. The Main Philosophical Tenets of Logical Positivism.

      a. Verifiability Principle.

      b. Elimination of Metaphysics.

      c. The Language of Science.

      d. Observational and Theoretical Terms.

      e. Synthetic and Analytic Statements.

      f. Probability and Inductive Logic.

      g. Ethics.

3. History of Logical Positivism.

      a. Before Logical Positivism.

      b. Early Research in Europe.

      c. The American Period.

      d. Influences on European Philosophy.

4. New Interpretations of Logical Positivism.

      Michael Friedman's Analysis of Logical Positivism.

5. Biographical Notes.

      Rudolf Carnap.

      Herber Feigl.

      Philipp Frank.

      Kurt Grelling.

      Kurt Gödel.

      Hans Hahn.

      Carl Gustav Hempel.

      Otto Neurath.

      Hans Reichenbach.

      Moritz Schlick.

      Friedrich Waismann.

6. Links.

      Links and Further Reading.

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