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Biographical Notes: Hans Hahn
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[5. Biographical Notes.]

Hans Hahn.

The mathematician and philosopher Hans Hahn (Vienna 1879 - Vienna 1934) was the co-author of the manifesto of the Vienna Circle. He received his degree in mathematics in 1902; afterwards he studied under the direction of Boltzmann in Vienna and Hilbert, Klein, Minkowski in Gottingen. In 1905 he taught mathematics at Innsbruck and in 1909 at the University of Vienna. In 1907 Hahn, Frank, and Neurath began their meetings on philosophy. After the First World War, during which he taught in Bonn, Hahn returned to the University of Vienna (1921). In 1922 Hanh, with the help of Frank, arranged to bring Schlick to the University of Vienna.
Hahn held courses on the symbolic logic, the foundations of mathematics, and Wittgenstein's Tractatus. One of his students was K. R. Popper, who found Hahn’s lectures very interesting and of perfect clarity. Another student of Hahn’s was Kurt Gödel, who wrote his dissertation, in which he proved the completeness of first order logic, under Hahn's direction. Hahn was an editor of the series Einheitswissenschaft.

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