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Congresses and publications
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Congresses and publications.

Vienna Circle was very active in advertising the new philosophical ideas. Several congresses on epistemology and philosophy of science were organized, with the help of the Berlin Circle. There were some preparatory congresses: Prague (1929), Königsberg (1930), Prague (1934) and then the first congress on scientific philosophy held in Paris (1935), followed by congresses in Copenhagen (1936), Paris (1937), Cambridge, UK (1938), Cambridge, Mass. (1939). The Königsberg congress (1930) was very important, for Gödel announced that he has proved the completeness of first order logic and the incompleteness of formal arithmetic. Another very interesting congress was the one held in Copenhagen (1936), which was dedicated to quantum physics and causality.

Between 1928 and 1937, the Vienna Circle published ten books in a collection named Schriften zur wissenschaftlichen Weltauffassung (Monographs on the Scientific World-Conception), edited by Schlick and Frank. Karl Raimund Popper's book Logik der Forschung was published in this collection. Seven works were published in another collection, called Einheitswissenschaft (Unified Science). In 1930 Carnap and Reichenbach undertook the editorship of the journal Erkenntnis, which was published between 1930 and 1940 (from 1939 the editors were Neurath, Carnap and Morris).

The following is the list of works published in the two collections edit by the Vienna Circle.

In the series Schriften zur wissenschaftlichen Weltauffassung (Monographs on the Scientific World-Conception), edit by Schlick and Frank:

  • R. von Mises, Wahrscheinlichkeit, Statistik und Wahrheit, 1928 (Probability, Statistics, and Truth, New York : Macmillan company, 1939)
  • R. Carnap, Abriss der Logistik, 1929
  • M. Schlick, Fragen der Ethik, 1930 (Problems of Ethics, New York : Prentice-Hall, 1939)
  • O. Neurath, Empirische Soziologie, 1931
  • P. Frank, Das Kausalgesetz und seine Grenzen, 1932 (The Law of Causality and its Limits, Dordrecth ; Boston : Kluwer, 1997)
  • O. Kant, Zur Biologie der Ethik, 1932
  • R. Carnap, Logische Syntax der Sprache, 1934 (The Logical Syntax of Language, New York : Humanities, 1937)
  • K. R. Popper, Logik der Forschung, 1934 (The Logic of Scientific Discovery, New York : Basic Books, 1959)
  • J. Schächter, Prolegomena zu einer kritischen Grammatik, 1935 (Prolegomena to a Critical Grammar, Dordrecth ; Boston : D. Reidel Pub. Co., 1973)
  • V. Kraft, Die Grundlagen einer wissenschaftliche Wertlehre, 1937 (Foundations for a Scientific Analysis of Value, Dordrecth ; Boston : D. Reidel Pub. Co., 1981)

In the series Einheitswissenschaft (Unified Science), edit by Carnap, Frank, Hahn, Neurath, Joergensen (after Hahn's death), Morris (from 1938) [these works are translated in Unified Science: The Vienna Circle Monograph Series Originally Edited by Otto Neurath, Kluwer, 1987]:

  • H. Hahn, Logik, Mathematik und Naturerkennen, 1933
  • O. Neurath, Einheitswissenschaft und Psychologie, 1933
  • R. Carnap, Die Aufgabe der Wissenschaftlogik, 1934
  • P. Frank, Das Ende der mechanistischen Physik, 1935
  • O. Neurath, Was bedeutet rationale Wirtschaftsbetrachtung, 1935
  • O. Neurath, E. Brunswik, C. Hull, G. Mannoury, J. Woodger, Zur Enzyklopädie der Einheitswissenschaft. Vorträge, 1938
  • R. von Mises, Ernst Mach und die empiristische Wissenschaftauffassung, 1939

Monographs, arranged in chronological order, published in the International Encyclopedia of Unified Science:

  • O. Neurath, N. Bohr, J. Dewey, B. Russell, R. Carnap, C. Morris, Encyclopedia and unified science, 1938, vol.1 n.1
  • C. Morris, Foundations of the theory of signs, 1938, vol.1 n.2
  • V. Lenzen, Procedures of empirical sciences, 1938, vol.1 n.5
  • R. Carnap, Foundations of logic and mathematics, 1939, vol.1 n.3
  • L. Bloomfield, Linguistic aspects of science, 1939, vol.1 n.4
  • E. Nagel, Principles of the theory of probability, 1939, vol.1 n.6
  • J. Dewey, Theory of valuation, 1939, vol.2 n.4
  • G. De Santillana and E. Zilsel, The development of rationalism and empiricism, 1941, vol.2 n.8
  • O. Neurath, Foundations of social sciences, 1944, vol.2 n.1
  • J. Woodger, The technique of theory construction, 1949, vol.2 n.5
  • P. Frank, Foundations of physics, 1946, vol.1 n.7
  • E. Frinlay-Freundlich, Cosmology, 1951, vol.1 n.8
  • J. Joergensen, The development of logical empiricism, 1951, vol.2 n.9
  • E. Brunswik, The conceptual framework of psychology, 1952, vol.1 n.10
  • C. Hempel, Fundamentals of concept formation in empirical science, 1952, vol.2 n.7
  • F. Mainx, Foundations of biology, 1955, vol.1 n.9
  • A. Edel, Science and the structure of ethics, 1961, vol.2 n.3
  • T. Kuhn, The structure of scientific revolutions, 1962, vol.2 n.2
  • G. Tintner, Methodology of mathematical economics and econometrics, 1968, vol.2 n.6
  • H. Feigl and C. Morris, Bibliography and index, 1969, vol.2 n.10
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